Producer Resources

Eight secrets to successful producing, 30 minute seminar with Stephen Follows

Want a taste of what you will learn athe masterclass? 30 min video in whcihb Stephen shares… How to train ‘creatives’ into setting deadlines, What’s your fault and responsibility?, How to cut a budget, The secret illustrated directory of cheap big name stars, How to reach unreachable people, Why you should lose the negotiation every time, Who really sells your movie...FULL VIDEO HERE

What a producer does on an indie film

The producer is the business head of the film, the person who assembles all the pieces of the jigsaw, be they the script, actors, cash, director… And a good producer is also a creative person who may not know how to ‘do it’, but knows ‘what needs to be done and why…'


A guide to the low budget crew

The crew are the creative labourers who operate the mechanics of your film making machine – be that the camera, sound and lighting equipment… or making the actors look good, the set convincing, the location appropriately dressed… or working on the support mechanisms by supplying the crew with paperwork, information, food and drinks. FULL ARTICLE HERE

Contract for hiring your crew

When you engage a crew member on a film, you should also have a contract, to protect both you and them. I have attached one such contact here for you, it’s the one we use on our productions – this of course comes with no guarantee at all.