Stephen Follows on Practical Producing

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- How to train ‘creatives’ into setting deadlines
- What’s your fault and responsibility
- How to cut a budget
- The secret illustrated directory of cheap big name stars
- How to reach unreachable people
- Why you should lose the negotiation every time
- Who really sells your movie
- Why bother?

Meet Stephen

Above: A Love Story... In Milk, Stephens multi award winning internet viral for Friends Of The Earth

I've been producing for 10 years, the last five of which I would class as 'professional producing'.  In that time I've produced feature films, short films, music videos and commercial brand-led projects.  My last feature was ‘Baseline’ starring Jamie Foreman, Dexter Fletcher, Zoe Tapper and Gary Stretch and released in the UK by Optimum Releasing.

For the last few years I've been consulting for producers and investors.  I mentor a number of up-and-coming producers, providing guidance and knowledge to help them with their filmmaking journeys.  In the past I've has written for MovieScope magazine on producing, been on the board of the New Producers Alliance and twice been the Festival Director of the Super Shorts Film Festival. The people who've said nice things about my work include The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Metro, Le Monde and Stephen Fry.

Between projects I drink tea in my office in Ealing Studios.  Milk, two fake sugars.