Practical Producing Masterclass Schedule

Saturday 9th June (9am)

What Producers Need in a Script – Spec scripts, hiring a writer, securing adaptation rights.
The Business of Film – How the film business works, setting up your company, legal requirements, accounting.
Investment – Finding private investment, building a business plan, crowd-souring.
How Producers Read (and Alter) Budgets – What a film should cost, where to spend it, sample budget explanation.
Free Money and Tax Credits – Funding schemes, producers tax credit, local tax incentives, EIS.
Contracts and Not Getting Sued – Cast, crew, writer, directors, producer, investors, music and more.
Adding Value with Top Crew – Hiring & firing crew, fees & payment, working with highly experienced crew.
Producing a Cast That Matters – Attracting a top cast, dealing with agents, handling actors.
Getting Your Film Noticed – Getting coverage for your film, posters, press materials, photography.
Avoiding Music Disasters – Using commercial music, hiring a composer, music rights & soundtracks.
Deliverables – What you’ll need to deliver including full ‘Chain of Title’
Distribution – Sales agents, distributors, film markets, collection agents.
Wrap at 6.45pm

NETWORKING Saturday 9th June (6.45 evening)

Join over three hundred film makers, screenwriters and producers at the bar... Remember, the film business is built on relationships.

Get your business cards ready!

Sunday 10th June (9.30am kick off)

Your Career – What to make next, guiding your career, gaining a reputation
Making the Impossible Happen – Producing yourself out of dead-ends.
Controlling Creatives – Dealing with divas, do-nothings and d**ks.
Negotiation – Getting the best price, best terms and the best deal every time.
Effective Scheduling – Creating deadlines in the creative environment,
Building Momentum – Creating projects from nothing and a sense of something larger than yourself.
Finding New Money – What to do when the usual funding sources fail.
Handling Major Crises – When it all goes wrong and you’re in charge.
Networking like a Pro – Long-term professional relationships, making the most of opportunities.
Winning Awards & Festivals – What programmers look for, how to tweaks the odds in your favour.
Brand Funding – The new world of corporate-sponsored films.
Make Money Producing – Music videos, advertising, online video and corporate films.
Hollywood Accounting – How the Studios screw everyone else (and how to protect yourself)